First off, Hello from NC. I'm new to beekeeping and plan on getting a few packages to start off this spring. I am also starting off by building all of my own hives, frames, etc. using all medium boxes.

I have studied the frame plans on this site, as well as looked over all of the related frame building posts I could find, but I still have a few questions left. I do plan on modifying them to be foundation-less frames, probably using a router to bevel 45's on the top bar.

1. What is the purpose of the 1/2" to 7/16" taper on the ends of the top bar? Why not just make it 7/16?
2. What is the purpose of beveling the corners of the top bar? Is that needed/useful? Or does it add places for SHB to hide?
3. Some have suggested making a 7/8" top bar, and 1 1/4 frame spacing a more natural frame size. Would you still use 10 frames, or 11? Would you do this for brood as well as honey supers?
4. If using a 7/8" top bar, would you adjust the side dados accordingly, or would you skip the dados on the top bar, since the side bars already call for a 7/8" dado? Should I make any changes to the bottom bar? (except for excluding the kerf)
5. Has anyone found a benefit to adding a guide to the bottom bar? I have seen some people hypothesize that it may encourage bees to build all the way down, but I haven't seen anyone that has said this from first hand experience. I do not plan on using fishing line type guides in the middle.

Thank you