Good Morning everyone!

I am a "brand new" wannabe beekeeper. I have done some research, but I have not purchased any equipment yet, because honestly I am so confused with all the information out there! I kept coming to this forum on my internet searching, so it seems this is pretty popular. Hopefully I can get some answers to often mentioned problems, but hardly any solutions.

I have never dealt with any kind of bee hive. I don't think bees really bother me, as I had a lot of plants last summer that they loved and I was fine with that. However, I also know there is a big difference between letting them fly and actually messing with their hive.

I knew an old neighbor who had a beehive, and thought that was pretty cool. I want to get into beekeeping because of the bee population issues, to better my garden and the local area, the honey (I'd be lying if that wasn't a motivating factor), and because I really think it would be a neat thing to do.

So hello everyone!