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Thread: Breeder queens

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    Quote Originally Posted by larrymn View Post
    site don't work
    There was a typo in the URL. Here is the correct one:

    Queens will be available April 29th though September 2nd
    Open Mated New World Carniolan Queens

    We also offer Virgin Queens, Ripe Queen Cells and Breeder Queens Open Mated New World Carniolan Queens: Our open mated queens are grafted from stock from the New World Carnolian Breeding program. They are mated and are laying in our 5 frame mating nucs before they are shipped.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitetail View Post
    I had good luck with a VP breeder too Matt. Their price has gone up since Glenn is out of the picture, and they no longer offer the open mated breeders I don't believe, which was what I used for bringing in additional diversity to my operation.
    Hi--thank you for the positive feedback!

    Although I know using open-mated breeders is a great way to bring in new stock, we're focusing on producing AI/II Breeder queens solely.

    We do have a referral page, similar to Tom Glenn's one. Listed are producers who use our stock in their queen production program:

    All the producers make great queens!

    Adam Finkelstein

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