Hello there, beginner beekeeper here. I found two of these along with some Langstroth hives in a barn belonging to a relative. They have been sitting in that barn since at least the year 2000, maybe longer. The gentleman who made or bought these passed away around that time. The last photo is what they look like on the inside. I scraped some old comb residue out of them, and there are small entrance holes (see third photo), so I'm guessing they might be old homemade hives, but there are no frames or evident spots for frames. My vast lack of expertise also does not help. Can anyone tell me what they are? The possible time frame for their construction is 1950 to 2000. If possible I would put these on our land as pollinator hives and just extract honey from the Langstroths. Any help, tips, or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

barn box1.jpg
barn box2.jpg
barn box3.jpg
barn box4.jpg