There have been several instances when I've needed to take several frames out of the hive to manage whatever I needed to do inside properly, but I didn't have places to put the frames.
- Firstly, the issue is that wherever I put them, I have to be mindful that the whole thing is covered by bees.
- Secondly, I have to be able to keep them upright, and kept where I don't have to hold them, or have somebody else hold them, because I found out the hard way that holding one frame at a time is hard enough to manage.
- Thirdly, I am looking for a solution to keep the bees off the frames, because it's a bit harder to manage the frames when such a larger portion of the hive is outside the box. Can I use a brush? Will this accomplish anything in removing super frames to get honey and getting the bees off?

So, I guess I'm wondering: where can I put them so they are not being held, where I can hold a number of them, and do I need to get the bees off the frames first before handling the hive?