Here it is the middle of January and Spring is just around the corner. Do your Bee's have enough food to keep them from Starving? If not, do a Google search for Mountain Camp Method of feeding dry sugar. Don't let your little darling STARVE! I used the mountain camp method last year and my bee's came through in fine shape.
Sat., the temp was 55* and the bee's were flying so I open my hives and the bee's were right up in the top and the hives were getting light so I decided it would be a good time to put the Dry Sugar just for Insurance against Starving. I fed dry sugar last year and I was sup-prized how much they ate of the dry sugar. Like I said, my bee's came through last winter in good shape and gave me a good amount of HONEY for the kind of year we had, it was dry here also. Any sugar that is left in the spring can be fed as syrup so nothing is lost. Try it, I think you will like the results. It is cheaper than buying more bee's in the spring.
Just a Reminder to check your HIVES.