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    Default Hive has Queen but no brood or eggs

    Hi all,

    I am converting my equipment to 8 frame and I placed this particular hive in the new boxes last week. There was some capped brood at that time but not a lot. At the time I thought it was just because it is early for brood rearing. Today I checked on them and although there is plenty of honey and bees, there is no brood at all. I found the Queen, but she seems unusually small. There were a lot of queen cups in the upper box. Why is the Queen not laying? Should I try to put a frame of eggs in from another hive so they can make another queen? But there are no drones yet for mating even if I did that. Is this hive just doomed?

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    Default Re: Hive has Queen but no brood or eggs

    Does she look like an old queen (wings all tattered up, marked) or a new virgin queen? I plan on making a couple of nucs from the good genetic stock for back up queens when needed.
    I don't think it would hurt to add some new frames of eggs?


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