Hi all: This is the strangest thing. We have a ton of bees at the front door of our house. My hive is in the backyard of our house close to a small pond. We have a mat at the front door that is saturated with water from the recent rains we have had here. Could the door mat be causing the bees to congregate to get water (I mean I have a pond for them in back)? The front door gets full sun and perhaps it is heating up the water? My guess is the water in the pond in backyard is too cold for them? This is a problem too because we have our home for sale and when prospective buyers come and there are tons of bees at the front door it looks bad especially with a bee hive in the backyard (of course we are moving the hive when we sell). Most people don't understand the honey bee. This is something that has just recently started in the past three days. I just moved the door mat to see if that will help. Should I smoke the area by the door? My husband is getting upset because he thinks it will scare the potential buyers off. Let me know your thoughts. Thank you in advance for your help.