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    I made my first batch of candy and wasn't too sure of the end result. I used 1 quart of water, 15 lbs of sugar and a tablespoon of vinegar. Heated until all melted and then boiled to 250 degrees. Poured into molds. The next day I took them out of the molds. It had the consistency of a gummy bear, but more sticky. In fact, they began to slowly run and flatten...I mean this took a fairly good while to do this. Is this the desired consistency? For some reason I was thinking the result would have been more like a lollypop or hard candy. I noticed my thermometer had markings for "soft ball" and "hard ball". Looks like about 265 degrees would give the hard candy type.

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    I think the part you missed out on is the same one I have missed in the past. After it has cooled below 200, you need to whip it to introduce air. Whip it until it gets white. At that would be my suggestion.


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