Hello, my name is Sarah.
I am a student at Loughborough University studying Design with Engineering Materials and my final year design project is titled "A Beehive for the 21st Century".
I would be grateful if you could spare a couple of minutes of your time to complete a questionnaire I have produced with the aim of obtaining some quality data from those who interact with this product frequently.
The questionnaire is anonymous and the results will be used for nothing other than helping me define an area of the hive I feel can be improved, though results of the project can be made available to participants upon request. There are 10 short questions and an opportunity for you to suggest any ways in which you feel the hive could be improved. To access the questionnaire, just follow the link below:


Your experience and knowledge will greatly assist me in the completion of this project, and will hopefully lead to a feasible solution to one or more of the many problems encountered in the act of beekeeping.

Thank you in advance.