Hello all,
What I'd like to know is what all has changed with beekeeping in the last 15 years. I've basically had a 15 year layoff where I turned my back on my bees almost 100%. I somehow did manage to keep 2-5 colonies alive during this span of time.
When I was a beekeeper of proper means I checked my bees at least monthly or more depending on the time of year. I'd treat once yearly with apistan strips and menthol which was all that I ever needed. Here where I live with decent rain fall a good honey crop was all but guaranteed.

Now that I've decided to restart my beekeeping activities I'm curious to know what's changed with medicine, medication practices, and any different updated management programs. It would seem the biggest challenge to evolve would be SHB, as far as I've read that is.

Are there new strains of bees that are more tolerant to all the pests that afflict honeybees? If so what are these bees and where can they be purchased?

I welcome everyone's opinions as I'd expect there to be a wide range of ideas with a set of questions like this

Thanks in advance,