I was wondering if using a water based wax melting machine such as the Maxant devices cleans the chemicals out of the wax into the water.? So if by running it through the machine several times does the chemicals people say are in the wax get diluted a bit with the water and we get better wax? Then I guess is there something that you can add to the water that would help remove the toxins more.?

Just wondering.


Liquifier and Wax Melting Tank
18 gauge stainless steel single wall around a tank that holds one 5-gallon pail of honey on a metal rack. Also used as a wax melting tank. Dump your cappings into the hot water. Wax rises to top, honey in middle layer, water on lower layer. Separate ball valve drain off layers individually. Complete with everything including chromolux immersion heater. A very popular unit. Shipped in one carton #48.

Model 3900WPT