This is my first year - received packages April 2012. I opened my hives today to place a candy patty on them. It's 65 out. One was raging - yay. One was mediocre. and the third one was 100% dead. I pulled a few frames. Full of dead bees and I haven't torn them apart yet, but it looked like a queen was there due to the formation of bees encircling one area. It is also full of honey. Anyhow- the two weird things were: honey was flowing out of the bottom and there are tons of white specs all over the bees and the frames and even kind of dusted on the bottom super below the area of where the bulk of the bees were in the top super.

Is it mites?! AND - can I harvest and use the honey? Probably 50 lbs or more. THANKS in advance for any input.