Pulled the sticky board from one of my hives today to see what was going on in there and found about 100 dead hive beetles on it, around the outside of the cluster.

We had some cold weather last week, the bees must have run them out to the outside of the cluster and they froze, which suits me just fine.

More than I expected, they've been raining down for a while it seems. Hopefully this next frigid blast will kill them all off, including any larvae in the ground, and I won't see so many next year.

I don't expect any local ones this year, unlike last year when we didn't get freezing weather much. Ground froze about 6 inches down this time, should get at least one more solid freeze and that will take care of the pupae.

I've not had any problems in the hive with the beetles other than seeing more than I would like. If I see as many this year as I did last, I'll make some traps I think.