Totally new to this. I bought my first hive (1 brood, 2 supers) last spring. The box was fairly old and wasn't in great shape, but the bees themselves looked very plentiful and healthy. They made it through late spring, summer, and fall, but now they are all gone. I noticed no activity weeks ago, so I finally pulled it apart and the bees are gone, but there is plenty of moth eggs/sacks - I mean tons of them. I pulled all the supers apart and pulled the frames out. As I scraped the moth sacks off, I noticed the sacks had actually destroyed some of the wood. I ended up throwing the top and bottom boards and the cover away because they had so much water damage. I have kept the brood and super boxes and the frames, but what is the best way to get all the moth leftovers off and will it be okay to reuse the boxes and frames with the moth damage? Thanks!!