I should have put this here first instead of the general forum where there are so many who dont get treatment free.

I want to try something this year but before I do I would like some feedback. In an attempt to give my stock a better chance at surviving without treatment (chemicals) I am looking to order up "Survivor" trait queens and put the survivor queen in the package to be released in place of the queen that came with the package. (The replacement queen would be added the same day I get the package.) I have purchased "stock" packages of bees since beginning beekeeping and they simply dont last. Therefore I end up purchasing more bees each year. I want to attempt to upgrade my hives with queens that are bred to survive treatment free.

So two questions. Anyone see a problem with this? If so what would it be?

Second question - Can you suggest someone who sells "survivor" queens. I know of Oliverez (sp?) but would like to look into others just for comparison purposes.

Dont get hung up on the logistics of getting them both at the same time, I think I have that handled.