Hi everyone!

It has been a long time coming, but I have finally taken some serious steps (serious to me anyway) in order to become a beekeeper. I had my first beekeeping class yesterday, and will continue the class over the next month. I have been skimming here and there for a few years this and that about beekeeping, but did not get too serious about it until about 6 months ago, when I finally picked up some books. Well, for my birthday, my significant other got her and I registered for a bee class. I do not think I will be able to afford to get a hive and all the equipment this year, gear, etc, but hope to have everything ready to go by next spring. This greatly depresses me to start the actual thing I am learning about in a year, but I am really trying to approach this the right way, and with confidence. I hope this method will help me not only stick with the hobby, but also contribute something to the hobby (or as some seem to suggest, lifestyle .)

As for not-really-related-to-beekeeping things about me, I really enjoy outdoors, and my first passion is horticulture. I am currently in school in hope of one day finishing my degree out in the field of horticulture and food production. It was a combination of my love for plants, and a side hobby of homebrew (mead), that led me to stumble upon the incredibly interesting hobby of beekeeping. After serious introspect and consideration, I think it is a very good skill set to add to my arsenal, as it can help with my plants, and learn about them at the same time! It just seems to fit so well with the lifestyle I eventually want to live, it almost seems destiny for me to to take interest in it when I have in my life.

I look forward to learning with and from all of you!