Hi All,
Wondering if anybody has ever seen or has experience converting these steam kettles into a bottling tank?
They are manufactured by Vulcan Hart Mfg. Co Louisville, KY see link below:


I recently purchased 2 of these tanks except I believe mine are older 30 gallon models and do not have any heater attachment but they do have water pipe with fittings coming out of the bottom and are definitely a jacketed tank.
I was told they were used with steam for heating soup in a commercial school kitchen.
I plan on running hot water into them with a hot water heater type set up and attaching a SS honey bottling valve in place of the large valve that is already on them (I will try to post pics later). But have concern about the existing valve has 4 large bolts that I believe holds the 2 tanks together and by removing them would cause the honey and water to leak out? (valve and bolts are the same as the older bulk milk tanks)