I'm generally not the sort to pick at grammar or spelling in posts, but over the past few years, I have realized that the word "lose" (pronouced LOOZ) is not only misspelled, but is probably misspelled more often than it is spelled correctly. And the thing is, the misspelled version is actually a different word.

Many (perhaps even most) people spell lose (LOOZ) as 'loose' (LOOS).

Lose - is to misplace something. To lose a hive of bees during winter.
Loose - is when something is not secure. A loose screw.

As they say, a good way to remember is to think "lose has lost an o"

Anyway, I'm not into picking at one person or post, and I don't think anyone actually wants to misspell things, so I thought it would be best to say this as a post of its own.

I'm just sayin'...