I guess some do not understand the "laws" dealing with "public record" and "freedom of information" -- so I repeat myself -- There are still those that remind me of the old quote "don't bother me with the facts, my mind is already made up".

There was nothing said by this inspector other than, (1) SippyBees and Major stated the truth, (2) I will not speak specifics on a case, and (3) that "public record" documentation was sent to Barry since he is the moderator of the thread that has been involved.

Maybe some are unfamiliar with the terms "public record" and "freedom of information" as they pertain to the individual citizens, which also includes state employees. Those that know me personally and others that have dealt with me during business know how I stand (almost on a soapbox) about government in our lives. However, they also know that certain laws are needed to protect everyone. I have the duty to regulate some of those laws and I take it seriously. This thread has started down the same road others have and that is the reason I speak up. I will, however do as I have in the past and that is not address specifics in a case, but let me be clear, once a case has gone through the court system and settled it becomes "public record" and covered under "freedom of information". in most all states.