Just a very short time ago I began to experiment with Feeding Pollen Sub.
I've learned a lot and have seen the potential for this to be a great tool.

I've mixed a few smaller batches, experimented and have a recipe I'm happy enough with to mix a large batch and feed for the remainder of the time I add sub. I'll offer some on here once I understand where I'm at and if I have extra.

The basic recipe is
Brewers yeast #10
Egg #5
Oils. 1 pt
Corn syrup 1 qt
Sugar #25
Isolate 1#
Attractants E.O's

The recipe is a combination of common recipes found on the Internet and speaking with local beekeepers.
I cut the amounts down to give a general idea, the oil is a couple ounces more etc. Acid is lemon juice, vitamin C and citric acid I'm still waffling on lemon and the consitancy of ph it provides.

It's high in sugar and has no soy flour to contribute to my goal of having it consumed quickly and discourage SHB.

I'd like to continue to improve so here are some of the areas I think I need to address first

Sterols,Lipids,cholesterol - what oils or fats I'm using a combination now. As you can see I'm leaning toward higher fat content to both ensure requirements are met as well as keeping product usable and attractive.

Vitamins- Here in Florida my bees aren't stressed as others my be. They often have access to forage.
I'm as concerned with giving them the wrong vitamin or too much of I'm the right ones. That said I need a good... No make that great source of vitamin A & K. I think I've got one but I'm not sure about accessibility of the nutrient so it shall remain nameless. Thoughts?

Isolate proteins, what offers the balance to brewers yeast, eggs with attention to value?

Minerals, I'm erroring on the side of too little for my environment I'm having trouble wrapping my head around the biology and at higher amounts may do harm.

This study made me think that it's not about developing a Pollen Sub but maybe about developing a product that bees can easily utilize to turn into bee bread. I know it's not a huge distinction but it maybe an important one