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    Default Plastic Wood for Feeders?

    I am looking to build some feeders out of that plastic wood you use for exterior trim. Trex is the trade name for it. I figured this would last indefinitly. The question I have is will the Trex leach any harmful chemicals into the sugar water that would be harmful to the bees?

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    Default Re: Plastic Wood for Feeders?

    Trex claims to be free of any toxic substances. I use wood on my hive top feeders with siliconed seams and them paint them inside and out. I have about 25 of these and have never had a issue

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    Default Re: Plastic Wood for Feeders?

    Interesting idea... I'd think you'd want their most expensive line (There are 3 grades and I can't think of the name at the moment) as it has an actual protective layer over the ground up plastic and glue. What were you thinking of using for the base and center column of the feeder?


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