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Beekeeping beliefs are like religious beliefs, but so far there is less killing each other over them.
I posted earlier in this thread and have since contacted my state bee inspector to ask about selling some nucs next spring. I explained that I have treatment free bees ( four years mite treatment free. ) He was nice but very skeptical and told me that Ga. law requires that I treat them before offering them for sale . He then asked what stock bee I had, I explained that they were survivor bees, he said they recommended against keeping survivor bees.Then I mentioned that I would place them in deep langs after converting them from top bar hives. I also stated that the langs would be foundationless. I think I may have heard a gasp and a period of silence.
I won't go into the back and forth frustrated conversation that continued for an hour. I felt sorry for the guy I am sure for him I was the phone call from hell. He did offer many reasons why it all wouldn't work and predicted that one day a disease would suddenly wipe all my bees out. But to his credit we worked it out and I will call for an inspection this fall after I treat with Apivar for mites. He understands that my top bar parent hives will be kept a good distance from my langs and the top bar will not be treated and the langs will be treated and they will not be mixed, and only the treated bees will be sold. Under the circumstances I felt he did a great job, maybe I will learn a lot from him and he might change his opinion about top bar hives, well we can hope.