Hello, I joined your group looking for some direction. I recently came across some old hive boxes that had been sitting in a relative's barn for at least 12 years. I want to fix them up and put them back to use... I intend to salvage as much of the original material as I can and re-start a colony with them. But I really have no beekeeping experience at all, and I have another hurdle... they're homemade and therefore not exactly like contemporary ones on the web. They were actually used by a farmer who lived off the land at that spot for 50 years.

I've completed the first step-- pulling them out of the barn & dusting them off. They were filled with old dirt dobber nests, ancient honeycombs, looks like there was a family of mice in there at some point. After I cleaned them up a bee landed on one of the box tops so I took it as a good sign! I've since been doing some reading and joined a local group. Wanted to say hello, and welcome any advice. I've already found a lot in the archived threads.

Ryan M.
Briggs, TX