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    Default Crush and strain press

    I have been thinking about a quicker way to process honey with the crush and strain method. Does anyone collecting the whole comb ever use a mechanical method to help separate the honey from the wax? I was thinking a fruit press would work well if you go slow to allow the honey time to exit the press and flow out. Quick Internet search indicates there are stainless steel presses available. Anyone out there have experience? Good or bad?

    Link to one site that has some presses.

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    Default Re: Crush and strain press

    You sure could, though I personally don't think it's worth it. The thing about comb it that crushing is really to break the seal of wax around each cell of honey, which allows the honey to flow out. It's not so much about wringing the last bit from a sodden mass like crushing fruit it. Unless you also make country wines I think the expense of the press wouldn't be worth it... make a crush-and-strainer bucket like Michael Bush's. Mine works great, and as a homebrew shop manager I've used (and cleaned) more of those presses than I care to remember . When I do cutouts I always C&S the wild comb that won't fit into frames well and feed it back to the relocated colony to rebuild on. If you want, go rent a press from a home winemaking shop to try it before you invest. Shouldn't be more'n $20 a day, or look on Craigslist for used ones. Just my $.02.
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    Default Re: Crush and strain press

    I use a cappings spinner. I crush the combs in a stainless box with a pick handle head and shovel the slurry into the cappings spinner.

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    Default Re: Crush and strain press

    I think a fruit press would be perfect. However a double bucket strainer works fine and is practically free...
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