I am always amazed after 20 years and working with many beeks and all the learning here there is still so much out there. Let's all share our absolutist most favorite piece of unique advise or beekeeping trick from 2012.

Here's mine -
We use beeswax coated black plasticell and always have more than a thousand new frames to draw out in the spring due to nucs, new hives and replacing the normal wear outs. This year someone told me to melt some beeswax (always use your own to avoid AFB kids), and using a natural paint brush, swipe a swath over the center of the foundation. (I used a 3 inch brush this year). I am the ever skeptic but the source was like twice my expertise so I gave it shot. I could not believe how much faster it "baited" the bees onto new foundation and now we do this to all new sheets before they go in hives. I think we decrease our draw time by at least 30%.

What's yours???