About one week ago, I bought a frame of Italian mixed honey bees about 500 or so bees.
I'm thinking that when I added the frame to my existing hive (Carniolan queen) there will be more bees to over winter with. I put the frame of bees inside a newspaper wrapping and cut some holes for them to come out. Everything looks fine the first night when I checked on them. All bunching together like a big family.
Today, I was outside watching them fly in the 50s. Then I noticed a bee was dragging something dark from the hive. It was too big for the worker bee to carry so both got dropped onto the ground just outside the hive. I picked it up after the worker flew off. To my surprise and sadden feelings, it was a dead Carniolan queen bee. She got bombed!? You think? Apparently, her worker bees are too weak to protect her against the Italian bees.
Now I am thinking maybe she got killed by the Italians bees that don't want to accept her?
Oh, the beekeeper who sold me the frame of bees already checked the frame and no queen bee attached.
Tonight, I suspect that there might be an Italian queen inside my hive for the Carniolan queen to be killed? Then I opened up the bee hive to do a thorough close inspection 3 times. Brushing the little bees away from the frame but cannot find any queen bee. No brood or larvae yet on any of the frames. Now I'm afraid the Italian bees might turn into drone layer later on. Anybody know the time frame before they turn into drone layers? Still have 2 more months before the Spring time here. There are about a frame of bees packed on both sides left inside the hive now. Should I go get a new queen right now and hopefully they might accept her? Will they not accept a new queen if I waited too long until the Spring time? What is the time frame I wonder.... You think the Italian bees might turn aggressive later on?
Lesson learned, never mixed the bees this way.