I've had the flue so I've been trapped in the house a little too long so I was watching "Finding Bigfoot" on TV late one night and I thought I would look up their websight and see what was on it. There is a link on their page where you can go to any state and they have any reports that were made there listed. So I punch in Ky and much to my surprise there was a sighting a couple of years ago less than a mile in front of my house. There were several others within 10 miles. Now every time my dogs are out in the dark barking I have been telling my wife that they found bigfoot out there. Now if you seen me running around the neighborhood sans clothing(which you wont) I wouldnt be surprised if there was a sighting or two(over 300 pounds, size 15 shoes, lots of back hair) Anybody else see anything out there?