Hello All,

I'm a 20+ year bee keeper now joining this forum. About 16 years ago I became a self employed construction Businessman. As my desire to become successful came to full bloom my honeybees began to suffer from lack of attention. I put in just enough time to keep 3-5 colonies alive removing surplus honey as needed.
When I began beekeeping I was diligent at reading and learning all I could to become a proficient beekeeper. I feel that I had become a knowledgable beekeeper through 1998, after that I lost interest per say.
Now I'm ready to pick up where I left off. I've given token attention from time to time to beekeeping in general. I have minimal knowledge of SHB but very little info on different treatment avenues for SHB, nor any up to date treatment practices for all other honey bee parasites and afflictions.
When I started 20+ years ago books and magazines were my principal avenues to gather info, now I enjoy the Internet immensely.

What I did learn when I began keeping honeybees was this: ask 20 bee keepers a specific question on bee management and almost always you'll get 20 different answers that each one believes whole heartedly. From those answers I learned to glean out the info that best suited my operation which ALWAYS worked very well for me. I look forward to each of you providing your personal insight into today's beekeeping, whether it be a response to a thread or a PM.

Looking forward to being here,
Cantrell Carden