I have located me a honey bee hive in a old abandoned church buiding wall. They are about 10 feet up from the ground. I got lucky last year on what I collected a cut out in a storage building. Last year's cut-out has amazed me how well they did! The existing comb filled up one nine inch brood box (July 1, 2012). By end of August they had filled up another nine inch brood box and I added a queen extractor and a 6 inch box. I didn't have much luck with a couple of swarms last year.

Anyway, I was wondering about this church wall of honey bees. Would it be out of the question to go on a 65 or 70 degree day in January? I would bring my brood box and tie the comb to the frames like I did back in July. Also, I could use a feeder jar to help them through til March. My thoughts are they will think real hard about leaving in the winter. And they may not be as aggressive in the winter. By the way we are lucky to get a snow every other year.

What are your thoughts? I guess, I could wait til April, but hope to get a few swarm calls! I have got two Langstrom nine inch boxes looking for tenants and ready for bees.

from Lower West Alabama