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    Default Re: Should I get Bees

    Quote Originally Posted by To bee or not to bee View Post
    I want to get a couple hives of bees but my wife is allergic to bees since the last time she got stung.
    We have 16 acres half wooded, The wooded area is L shaped with two hay fields, the house in about the middle off to the side.
    I'm not interested in the perfect crime
    Years ago, when I first got the bee bug, my eldest was allergic, too, so I found a place away from our homeplace to keep them--the pasture where I was keeping some cows at the time. I fenced the hives off from the cows and it worked out fine. Nowadays, my eldest has kids of his own, so this time I'm keeping my hives outside my back door. Out-yards are common ways to keep bees and would guarantee your bees would not become your wife's problems.


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    Default Re: Should I get Bees

    To bee or not to bee,

    I think it "could bee".

    I found my first bee site through Craigslist. I think you could easily find a host for some beehives. You might consider having a storage shed some distance from your house for storing extra boxes and hanging your bee jacket. I have never been stung in my car, garage, or house by bees that followed me home.
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    It should be quite a concern! I came very close to losing my son because of my bees (350 hives at the time). Have her go through the series of shots that will desensitize her and when a bee sting or two (given by the doctor) do not affect her, then get your bees. IMHO you are asking for trouble. She will be immune for the rest of her life if all goes well. Quite a worthwhile effort, wouldn't you say? And then, she could help you with your bees. If you get your bees regardless, she may become gradually even more allergic because of the allergens that will be present on your beesuit (which she might wash), bee equipment and even your own clothing that was used while working the bees. Not a doctor, but had to give two epinephrine shots to my 7 year old son and then was told at the clinic that he came very very close to not surviving. Just something to think a little more seriously about. He went through the desensitization process and then helped me with the pollination business when older. OMTCW

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    Thanks for your responses
    My wife said it's ok if I don't have them near the house where she's walking around.
    I would like to be able to see them from the house at a distance to know if they got knocked over or blown over
    if that can happen.
    Thanks again

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