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    Default The Tropilaelaps Mite - research? and thoughts

    Howdy all,
    The Wyoming Beekeepers Association Meeting went fantastic this past December. Great lectures, discussions, plenty of food, mead, and honey, plus the auction; it was fabulous. We had Michael Andree from Bee Informed to speak and he gave an awesome 3-hour presentation. The Tropilaelaps mite was mentioned and discussed a bit, and I'm interested in further research about this pest. Has anyone here (extra-USA) had experience with this mite? I understand it has not made it to the U.S., and may not be as destructive as the Varroa mite; that is still up for research, though, as to whether it is or not. Anyway, any thoughts and input is appreciated. Thanks.

    Here is some general info on this mite.
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