I have my bees in a place where there are too much thymes.
Thyme honey is very expensive , and there is a good market for it.
This year I have thought of a new manipulation, in order to collect the most of thyme honey from every hive.
But I need your opinions , if it is going to work, or if there is a trap I cannot see.
The flow starts about 10-15 of May and lasts about a month, if the weather is not extremely hot.
Three or four days before the flow start, I want to take the Queen out of each hive, with 2 frames of brood and 2 frames of honey and pollen, and make a split. The split will stay in the bee-yard, so all the foragers will return to the mother-hive. Next day the mother- hive, will go to the thymes.
The mother hive will raise a new queen, and there will be no brood for about a month, so all the nectar collected will be stored as honey. Am I right? After the honey harvest, I will recombine the split with the mother –hive.
Do you see any problem in this manipulation?
Thank you all in advance for your answers.