I am a wanna bee beek, trying to learn as much as possible about beekeeping. Since I was young, I have considered raising bees . Now that I am an "Armchair Caver," (an injury keeps me from caving and climbing) I have to fill the hobby void.

About 15 years ago I met Frank, the owner/operator of the Little Hungary Farm Winery. Frank was in his 80s at that time and keep 7 hives and cultivated grapes and fruit trees on 7 acres. Melomel was the style of wine he made. After he showed me his Winery and how he did things, I hoped to try a hobby version of my own.

I have the fruit trees and have been making wine for a few years, but I have been lacking bees. I been planning for the past year to give it a try, gathering as much knowledge as possible in order minimized hardships.

I just ordered a couple of packages of bees for the spring and I'm feeling very excited to get started.

This site is valuable source of insight and 2nd hand experience, which is far less expensive than 1st hand experience. Thanks for beeing here.