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    Default Re: How many hives is too many hives?

    Why am I not suprised that the distance bees fly to gather nectar/pollen still came up even though I specifically mentioned that it wasn't the point? I very much dislike the POST COUNT on I think it contributes to far too many off-topic comments.

    Thanks to Michael Bush and JRG13 for actually reading and comprehending the ideas I was looking for. I hope more can contribute to the actual topic of this thread.

    If theis topic needs to be revitalized, I'll ask another, similar, question. How many hives have yo maxed out on in one beeyard? How do they manage to survive/what are the foraging? Is it year-round, or do you need to substitute?

    Example Answer: My father in law (who lives in Northern Indiana) has 80 acres of mixed woodlands and prarie. It is surrounded by fields of clover, soybeans, and corn. He can support 5 hives all year long without feeding... possibly more, but he hasn't tried it in a while.
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    Default Re: How many hives is too many hives?

    Kirk, Two answers I can recall seeing.
    1. somewhere in the neighborhood of 20.
    2. keep adding hives until you see a decline in the colonies in general. then reduce by one or two.

    As far as I know nobody has a number of hives you can keep in any location.
    how many bees could you keep in the locations below. one is less than two hours from me. the other 6 hours away.
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