I've been looking through the glass on the side of my top bar hive for a couple of months seeing few or no bees. Day before yesterday, the first really warm day for a LONG time there were several bees out flying, coming and going, that I figured were a few still alive taking a cleansing flight before their final demise. Later that afternoon, I saw quite a few bees and thought, oh, oh, that defenseless hive is being robbed. The next day, especially warm and beautiful after a very long cold spell, there were hundreds of bees coming and going, and I was SURE that the hive was being robbed. Later I noticed that some were bringing in pollen... SAY WHAT. Then I noticed that lots of dandelions were bloom... HUH?... after days and days of snow and ice (they had to have been uinder the snow, bloom and all). That evening I looked through the glass side, and I could see 6,000,987,451 bees. Those little jerks must have been clustering over on the other side of the hive where I couldn't see them... just to drive me nuts no doubt.