I'm in the process of making a some new topbar hives. Should have a couple close to finish today to post photos on-line. I would like some feedback on what you all think. I always buy nucs so have design it so that nuc frames will fit a space for 8 frame brood box in TPH on one end.
Then the topbars from top to bottom of hive about 7" depth. So that means one end of TBH is higher than the main body. One end of the hive the additional height is above main body of hive and in another TBH below main body of hive. Below the main body makes for a better fit of cover (one piece). Don't think it makes any difference to bees but wanted to check to see what you think. I was going to use a screen full length & width of hive but wonder if it would let in to much daylight and if it would effect bees in the hive? Ok, hope to post photos later today. This is a great site! Off to the workshop.

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