I found a feral hive in a cable spool. There were two spools, one stacked on top of the other. I shined a light down into the top of the top spool, but there were no bees or comb, so I removed the top spool. I found that the holes in the spools weren't lined up, so they could not move up into the top spool. I placed a 10 frame deep on top of the spool, hoping to give them some extra room for winter storage. This was in October, and we have been in a drought for a couple of years, but it had recently rained. It looked like we would have a good broomweed flow, but we didn't get any more rain for months. We had a very warm and flowery November and December, but I guess it wasn't enough. I checked the frames in December, and they had only built up a tiny section of wax on the center frame. They are clustered up in the bottom spool now. My plan is to wait until the queen is in the frames, and put an excluder in between the spool and the frames until all the brood are out. Then I will remove the spool, and set them up on a bottom board. Any Advice? Should I remove the box, and put it back on in the spring?