I'm thinking about doing some hive removals this year and was wondering what everyone does for scaffolding, I tried a quick search and didn't find any discussion on it. Might be I missed it. I've worked as a builder for a couple years now so I'm comfortable, though respectful, with scaffolding, ladders and working at heights.

In my mind there are two choices, ladder jacks and biljax type pipe scaffolding. I'm leaning toward that ladder jacks because of the price and portability, as well as the ability to use the ladders independently, plus I have one extension ladder already.

In favor of the biljax is a larger and more stable platform to work from. But you would need at leas three sets, probably four to get to some places. Hauling all those pieces wouldn't leave much room in the truck for other equipment.

Anyone use pump jacks or homemade setups?

Any advice, observations, and anecdotes are greatly appreciated, thanks.