I know there are a number of folks here who have forgotten more about wood working and finishing than I will ever learn. This is directed to you.

I have built quite a number of the Coates nucs and had some I made from plywood with grain that was just too beautiful to paint. As an experiment, I have stained a number of those with Cabot blue label per the recommendation of someone on Beesource. I also have some clear latex paint. I'd like to take a couple sets of the Cabot-finished nucs and coat them with the clear latex and then compare how well they last versus the nucs with only the Cabot and also versus the nucs with other finishes. (I have been disappointed with other stains I have experimented with in the past - at least on these nucs that are built with 15/32" indoor plywood and am looking forward to seeing how well they hold up with Cabot.)

So, my question is....Is it prudent to "paint" the clear latex onto wood that has been previously finished with an oil-based stain such as Cabot blue label? Will it just bead up or peel off?