I finally got my first package of local TF bees, checked them in veil, shorts and a t-shirt about 4 days later. I got only one sting not bad. this week I opened the hive by the brood with no smoke and they came boiling out and I got stung about ten times right away. Now I put on long pants, long sleeve shirt and all was fine. They are producing comb but I don't see many eggs being laid but it might be hard to see the eggs in the new white comb. When I blow some smoke on them to get them back down in the hive they just get angry and don't go back down, so I wind up killing a few when I close the bars, any tips for use of the smoker? I observe the hive daily close up and they don't bother me at all and I see lots of activity at the entrance and lots of pollen entering the hive.