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    Default Sport fishing in Honolulu

    I'm pretty excited for my first ever trip to Hawaii at the end of Feb! I spend a good bit of time fishing, but have VERY limited time with deep-sea charters (a couple with locals in Mexico). Can anyone give me some pointers? Reviews for Honolulu-based charters, tipping guidelines, what to be sure to bring/know/think about? I'd be ONE person looking to connect to a shared charter, hoping to spend $200 maybe.
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    Default Re: Sport fishing in Honolulu

    I have heard that the Navy and their heavy use of sonar in the area doesn't help the fishing in that area. You can fish anytime, I say enjoy of things that Honolulu has to offer. Fishing is average at best there.

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    Default Re: Sport fishing in Honolulu

    In Hawaii the fish are so different to what I was used to, you don't need to spend big bucks to have fun. My Hawaiian buddy took me out fishing off a jetty. We were reeling in what looked to me like giant brightly colored aquarium fish. Lots of them- and many different kinds. Each time we landed one, I'd ask "What the heck is that? We're not going to eat that are we?" To which he'd reply "It's a (many syllables of Hawaiian). We don't eat them but the (Chinese/Japanese/Koreans/Portuguese/etc,) do. At the end of the day, we drove around passing out fish. One of my most fun fishing experiences.
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