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    So if your a small hobbest beekeeper{no more then 20 ever} and making my own queens do ya think i sould be looking at VSH breeder queens?
    Would it bee worth my time and money to buy one of these queens {250.00} or should i just stick to my local raised queens.
    Should i stick to local genetics or would adding AVSH breeder queen be a plus?
    Thank you .
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    If you want to have pure vsh, buy some of the cheaper non inst. seminated queens for next year, especially if you have a remote yard. after you have all the hives in the yard producing droans with the vsh queens you bought, the first year or preferable the next year, now bring in the inseminated 250.oo queen. use her daughters in nucs in the yard with the droans in the isolated yard.
    the mated queens will now be pure vsh. If you want to continue the line I would then find a third source of vsh queens to use the third year. should be good to go after that. probably could even sell them after that. makes not difference small or large beek from the few people I have talked to you would need less treatments and one person said they produced more honey than his normal yards. by trying the cheaper non inseminated queens you may find out the first year if yyou like them or not.
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