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    Default First swarm call for 2013...gonna be a busy year!

    Got a call for a bee removal, and the way it was explained to a fellow Beek, we thought it was going to be a cut-out. Unfortunately, I changed my frames with foundation out for empty frames, anticipating attaching comb. Wrong! (Why I didn't bring both, I have no idea, but I will next time!)

    No pics of the swarm...It was two stories up hanging from an overhang, and I wasn't going back down for the camera that I left in my vehicle, plus I was a few minutes late to the job and he was waiting on me. We captured the swarm in a bucket, then transferred to a hive box when we came down. Locked them up, and brought them home.

    I know it's just another swarm, but having empathy for those of you whose bees are still in winter lock-down, I thought I'd post...

    I wanted to switch out the empty frames for frames of foundation, which I figured I would do when they were all in orientation mode anyways.

    Checked on them as it was getting dark, and everyone seems happy and settled in! I have to bring a frame of eggs & brood to a trap out tomorrow, so when I am in one of the other hives, I'll find a nice frame of nectar & brood for this Nuc, too.

    So to all my frozen friends up North, spring really is coming!!
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    Default Re: First swarm call for 2013...gonna be a busy year!

    Looks like a slice of heaven. I can't wait for spring to get here. Freezing my butt off, but getting everything ready.
    BTW, 54 here tomorrow.... 34, rain, freezing rain, sleet and snow for Sunday! Brrrrrrrr.
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    Default Re: First swarm call for 2013...gonna be a busy year!

    Release the "winter lock down",, definetly gets me in the spirit. I too am getting materials ready (always more than I anticipate). Already have cut-outs lined up, and getting the itch of spring, and the swarms that come with it.

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    Default Re: First swarm call for 2013...gonna be a busy year!

    Nice!! Next month i'll be throwing out swarm traps and waiting for the bite, oh ya, and put the ad on Criagslist for swarm removal, time to boost up the number of hives!!
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