I am a current California State University Channel Islands student majoring in Biology with an Ecology emphasis. I have worked for Dr. Ruben Alarcon performing research on pollination ecology, and have two years of experience working with most aspects of beekeeping. I am comfortable with splitting hives, catching swarms, honey extraction, and regular hive maintenance. I have also have experience with Nosema, Tracheal Mite, and Varroa Mite research on European and African honey bees. I don't really care what aspect of work may be available as long as I have the chance to learn and make some side income while I am in school. I am really considering pursuing a career in beekeeping and aquaponics once I graduate, so any experience would be great.

Please email me at bryan.castro846@myci.csuci.edu, or call/text me at (805) 558-2535 if you have anything available, know someone I can contact, or know of another good place I could apply.

Thank you for your time,
Bryan Castro.