its woodworking season and we need to think about safety:
Table saw kick back last night.
Like most good ‘close call’ stories it was late, I was feeling in hurry, I was staring at a huge pile of wood. So I decided to use the existing dato stack on the table saw to cut hand holds rather than the usual jig. After reading about the ‘under cut’ on the hand hold from the jig I figured I would cut the hand holds with the saw and maybe use my normal jig to put the slope to it. So I measured to center of the blade for the correct height and put my aux fence behind the blade (big mistake). I would put the edge of the box to the back of the blade and rock it forward until it hit the table. About every 10 sides I would get a catch and it would bounce a little forward. One ripped it out of my hand and planted it directly into my groin; another went past me and the third time it bounced around the saw, completely destroying the side. Finally I got smart, ok less stupid, and moved the aux fence to the front of the blade. Now the blade forced the wood into the stop and the stop protected me. One hour without an incident.
I upgraded to a bigger saw after using a craftsman for 30 yrs and that blade does not stop like that old saw did.
OK post your close calls, pictures welcome.