Thanks again for all the suggestions/recommendations. I do enjoy woodworking and the beehive may look nice; however, i am more concerned with it's function.

During construction, i believe i have a design flaw. I built the front/back taller on both ends and the bars sit snug between them. I have cut several cleats of various sizes for each end to allow a bee space as the bars expand. I am concerned about the front/back with expansion of the top bars. The bars are made of pine (Cedar expands much more) and wood expands across the grain, ie; the width of the bars. I think i will need to trim the back of the hive down to be level with the bottom of the top bars. Or should i just loosley place the bars in (smaller than a beespace between each) Here is an update photo. Any comments or constructive criticism welcome. I think i hijacked my own thread...beehive.jpg