I am new to beekeeping and have been lurking here for a short time and found many great answers. I am currently building my first TB with Eastern Aromatic cedar. I have a couple of questions.

1. Will the cedar smell deter or otherwise affect the health of the colony?

2. I used wood glue (tightbond III) to glue up my panels for the sides/ends. Any issue with this?

Also i have read varying opinions on using a follower in the hive to reduce/expand the hive. Is it recommended to use this and if so where do i place it for the initial start up, ie; how much space to begin with a 3# package. (the TB hive will be approx 42" long)

This be be the only hive and I expect to have bees delivered (by Wolf Creek) in March.

I am currently reading several books (Les Crowder/Heather Harrell-Top Bar Beekeeping and Wyatt Mangum's-Top Bar Beekeeping:Wisdom and Pleasure) and Dr Mangum does not use wood glue but only nails (stating that in the event he must take apart the hive later)

Thank you all in advance and i am looking forward to organic honey......perhaps Spring 2014.