I just captured my first two hive boxes today. It was really exciting to go out in the jungle and dig out the hive from the coral rocks that form the island. I took a generator out there with me and used my bee vac that I bought from Honey Bee Habitat, it worked perfectly and I was able to suck up about 20,000 bees to dump in my two boxes. There wasn't much honey in the hive, most of the comb cells were not capped. I'm thinking that since we don't really have any cold weather here that the bees are still foraging on the sunny days and not storing for winter. There's always something in bloom here in the tropics. I wrapped the two hives in transport nets and brought them home for the night due to the hour getting late. Tomorrow I will move them to the apiary and look for the Queen. Not a bad start I would think, huh?
As for the temperament of the Ferrell hive, they were actually quite calm. I had a helper working with me in a bee suit and the kid that was pointing out the hive wasn't wearing any protective gear at all. Actually the kid was sticking his head right down in to the mouth of the hive entrance and helping us all around and never got stung. Me? I wore my suit, hood and all at all times!