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    Default Starting some packages with Small Cell and foudationless?

    Dear Beesource Forum,

    We have had a very interesting year with our bees. Last year we started with 4, poor quality NUCs and had some major struggles to get them this far. Even with poor NUCs we ended up with them making it. I can say that we were really blessed to have all the problems we did because I think it will make us better want-a-beekeepers.

    I want to try something different this year.... I hope to catch some swarms and I have also decided to try some bee packages. I have read a bit on small cell and still not sure I have a solid game plan for these new packages and any swarms I may catch. I have read so much, I think I am just a bit overwhelmed.

    ok.. All my stuff is 8 frame and I like to use deeps for hive body and meds for the honey supers.

    I want to setup maybe an 8 frame deep with 4 small cell frames of foundation and 4 frames no foundation. I plan to of course, place them every other frame so that they have a guide and the option to build on the foundation less. Then if I ever get to add honey supers to these hives... Can I just use regular old large, 5.1 (whatever size) foundation in the super? I will use a queen excluder to keep brood out of the supers.

    Can you small cell experts suggest please? Any help is so much appreciate. God bless..

    Our bees..
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